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Hi. I’m Carly. I’m a married, home-educating mum of two baby girls, born in 2014 and 2016. After being urged by some dear friends (who weren’t bored to hell with my personal Facebook motherhood musings) to write more publicly, I created this blog along with the Born Again Lioness Facebook page.

I am an advocate for gentle parenting, anti-childism and children’s rights as well as a childhood and maternal mental health.

I’m also a virtual assistant, most often found helping out the lovely Sleep Deprived Mums Coach, and a freelance writer, writing about parenting, health and sleep science.

Why ‘Born Again Lioness’?

I spent the majority of my life as most of us do: afraid to be my real self and afraid to truly live. Cue a plethora of first-world problems that come with that, including depression and anxiety.

And then I had my Biggest.

So, if at this point, you’re thinking, “great, another woman claiming she found herself when she had kids…”…you’d be absolutely right. That’s exactly what I am. And a whole host of other things besides. And proud! 🙂

Welcome 🙂 x