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The Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme (Review)

Full disclosure: I was given access to the full Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Programme free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This post also contains affiliate links whereby I’ll receive a percentage of the sale if you choose to purchase the programme via the link.

I’ve always had a funny sort of relationship with my body and weight.

Growing up, I believed I carried “puppy fat” and that, although this wasn’t a major problem, it wasn’t a thing most people wanted (although I’d love to go back in time and see how I feel in my skin with the eyes of a parent. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t think there was anything amiss at all).

Then when I was about 13 or 14, I went through that strange, transitionary phase between girl and womanhood that many girls go through where I suddenly found myself with a shape. A slender one at that (although, again, I didn’t think so at the time). Being only 5’1″ it was quite a shock to the system to have gone from feeling awkward in whatever I was wearing to wearing women’s dress sizes and them seeming to fit in some of the right places (I’m pear-shaped, small boobs and a MASSIVE bum. Good job hubby likes big bums, hee hee!).


More’s the point, I could eat whatever the hell I wanted in whatever quantity and not see my newborn-woman’s shape affected (not that I was conscious of how eating could affect my body at the time. Do you see a theme here?).

Quitting Smoking Weight Gain

Fast-forward to me being about 22. By this time I had been working in offices for 7 years and continuing with eating whatever I wanted (read: a load of processed junk). I left home to live with my boyfriend (now my husband) when I was 17, armed with about as much knowledge of how to take care of a home and cook with real ingredients as a 17-month-old. My mum is the type of A-grade caregiver who somehow manages to do EVERYTHING and not ask for help ever, and it’s not until you’re taken out of that situation that you realise quite how much and to what degree.

So, back to food and being 22. Up to this point I’d maintained a steady size 10 for most of my early adult life. I’d been a size 8 until I was about 18, gone up to a 12 occasionally but generally felt comfortable calling myself a 10. It all came to a head when I finally quit smoking just before the New Year that year. I’d been smoking on and off since I was 14 but along with my mum (who had been smoking without ever stopping since she was 14 too), I decided I was ready to give it up for good, not less also because I knew Danny and I would want to start trying for children in the next couple of years and I wanted to give up on my own terms.

I’m pleased to report that both my mum and I successfully quit and haven’t so much as looked at a cigarette since, but…

…my weight ballooned. It was so, so easy to replace one bad habit with another, and this one tasted better and was much cheaper too. I binge ate chocolate and crisps until I found myself struggling to fit into a 14, which isn’t big at all, I know, but for me being the height and proportions I am, it was. More importantly, I felt unhealthy too.


Getting Healthy to Start a Family

Time went on, and it got nearer to us wanting to start a family and so Danny and I both decided to get healthy together. I think that’s probably when I taught myself to cook from scratch with fresh ingredients. We also joined a gym and, since we both worked in the same building, it was easy for us to go together after work, pretty much daily.

The weight dropped and I felt great. I was a comfortable 10 again.

Soon after, I fell pregnant with Biggest. I decided throughout the pregnancy that I wouldn’t look at the scales as I didn’t want to feel disheartened by seeing the weight I’d worked so hard to shift pile back on again, and for that to take the focus of the coming months.

After Biggest was born she was breastfed longterm and I completely shed any weight I had put on from when she was around 6 months old, (I remember running down a hill with the pram one day to catch a bus and my jeans fell down! That has never happened to me and my big bum!) despite me eating more day-to-day than I think I ever have (and still being ravenous with it too!).

I fell pregnant with Littlest when Biggest was 20 months old. I didn’t seem to put on any weight, or bump, until I was around 7 months pregnant and then…POP! My bump came out of nowhere….and so did the weight. This was my first experience of a summer pregnancy, and last summer here was HOT. My legs, feet and ankles were enormous and I felt horrid. I was relieved to finally have her at the end of summer, 2 days before my 28th birthday.

Binge Eating

The water weight went away pretty quickly and I was sooo happy to feel my actual ankle bones again! All over, I think I’ve reduced down almost to the size I was before I had her. I’m not in any rush with it and I’m going easy on myself, because we put enough pressure on ourselves as mums as it is.

But I have noticed that I’m carrying some extra in places I didn’t carry it before. And I think I know why.

I’ve been binge eating.

Since Christmas, I’ve been binge eating. I try to steer clear of chocolate since Littlest is intolerant, but I could live on crisps and chips, all day, every day. And when I say all day, I mean ALL day. I would go down at like 11pm and grab a bag or two, not even really tasting them. And then realising I wasn’t actually hungry.

Malminder Gill Hypnotherapy

When Malminder Gill offered for me to review her Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme, I bit her hand off (not literally. My binge eating hadn’t quite got that bad!).


Which took me by surprise, a little. Like I said, I know I’m binge eating, I know it’s not something I necessarily want to be doing, but I had told myself I was happy to focus on it as life gradually starts to get a little less crazy again,

Apparently not!

Since becoming a mum I’ve worked hard at training myself to get back to basics with listening to my instincts and not turning away from gut feelings. This was certainly setting off all sorts of green lights for me, so I decided to dive in.

About the programme

Malminder is a hypnotherapist with her own private practice based in London’s Harley Street and helps clients overcome all manner of problems, from low confidence to quitting smoking.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme is an online-only course. It is designed to acheive the same sort of effective results her clients experience when they invest in face-to-face hypnotherapy appointments but without leaving the comfort of your home.

What’s Included

There are 3 levels of the programme available to choose from: taking it alone, taking it with live, weekly group support, or taking it with 1-2-1 support from Malminder. For the purpose of this review I have been taking the course alone.

Malminder describes the course as something which “covers every important aspect that contributes to the way your body looks and feels.”

There are 6 recorded hypnosis sessions, one to take per week with each one building up on the work of the last one. There’s also an accompanying workbook with tasks to complete each week.

The 6 weeks cover:

  1. Emotional Eating
  2. Emotional and Mental Detox
  3. Portion Control
  4. Exercise
  5. Cravings
  6. Self

First Impressions

I wanted to do this PROPER! So I printed out my workbook straight away.

I was first of all really impressed by the level of detail the workbook included, as not only does it instruct you on the week’s tasks, it also goes in depth at explaining why you’re going to be doing that and what it’s going to be helping with.

Before listening to each hypnotherapy session there are areas in the workbook to answer questions Malminder sets relating to that week’s topic and an area to set your positive intentions for the session.

So, week 1, Emotional Eating, well….THAT was an eye-opener!

This week, there is a food diary to complete every time you eat anything in the workbook. I was a bit worried I might forget to do this with my chronic baby brain, or not have time, but keeping the workbook in a prominent place I look at a lot (next to the fridge! LOL!) made sure I didn’t forget and it was really quick to just jot it down each time. The diary is set out really beautifully.

This week’s hypnosis track was to be listened to at least 3 times, and this I really was worried about…because this first one is 40 minutes long! I was concerned about how I’d have time to fit it in with having the girls with me all day and working when they’re in bed. And 40 minutes is a LONG time, to me. That’s like…8 showers!

But I knew I wanted to commit to this journey, so I put my best foot forward and listened to my first session after work one evening. I’ve never had hypnosis myself before and I know there are some people out there who are skeptical about it, but not me – I know lots of people who have had life-changing results from hypnotherapy and I was determined to join them.

Free Social Media Post Templates-2.png

There was one problem I had with my choice of time for first listening to the week one hypnosis session…it was too close to my usual sleepy time! And Malminder’s voice is sooo soothing and relaxing, it didn’t take me long to start dozing!

It’s no bother though, as Malminder states at the beginning of the session that what needs to get through will get through and the workbook also reassures that it’s fine if you find your mind drifting and thinking of other things. Since I kept becoming more conscious of her words every so often throughout this first session I believed afterwards I actually was drifting, rather than sleeping.

For my next two sessions, I chose to do them before starting my evening’s work so that I didn’t feel as sleepy.


I’m still keen not to weigh myself (yes, even up to now, three years later!) because nowadays I prefer to focus on how I feel in my skin and clothes and how healthy I feel rather than a number on the scale, so I can’t report a weight loss figure, BUT…

…this stuff is POWERFUL.

Even the simple act of starting to log my food intake made me stop and think about what food choices I was making, but combined with the hypnosis saw me go from grabbing processed, sugary, salty crap for all meals, snacks and second snacks (and third snacks…) and eating until I was bloated and uncomfortable to choosing my meals with care, not grabbing snacks when I actually don’t need them and tasting my food again within TWO DAYS.

What’s more it slapped me with the massive realisation of why I was binge eating in the first place.

My self-care seriously slipped just before Christmas. The kids were both ill and I had 18 Christmas hampers to make up with 6 different homemade cosmetic products in each one. I still had to be a mum and a wife and all the rest of it and crappy food was my only little bits of joy during that stressful period.

Since then, much more stressful events have occurred – my grandmother passed away in January, the kids were ill again in February, Danny had a car accident at the start of the month, I was ill…the self-care regime stayed on the shelf and the food stayed in my hand.

The food was my constant companion, reliable, predictable, cheap, plentiful, my little dopamine-boosters that I told myself I was using because I deserved a little treat after working so hard. Only I didn’t notice that it had spiralled from one treat a day to my whole diet pretty much being made up of treats.

This programme has quite literally been a complete shock to the system in the best way. I knew my eating was spiralling again but I couldn’t be bothered to address it. Mores the point, if I had have even attempted I know now I would have failed. Without Malminder’s Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme I would have never been able to come to the realisation of why it had come to this, not with how already overfull my brain is on a day to day basis. Who knows how long this would have gone on for or how far I may have spiralled? It’s scary to think about.


After seeing such profound results from just one week I absolutely cannot wait to see what else it reveals for me! I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who is unhappy with their relationship with food or tired of being at war with the scales or what they see in the mirror.

If you’ve tried everything else and you just want to get this nailed once and for all, sign up for Malminder Gill’s Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Programme and see what amazing breakthroughs you can have too!



6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme (Review)

  1. It seems like we are very similar in our lives regarding food. I hated the quitting smoking weight gain. Its so unfair, you do a good thing and punished by getting fat haha!
    Im glad this is working for you, i tried hynotherapy for other reasons and didnt work for me but im still open to the idea for others! I’m looking forward to hearing about your success story at the end of the course!
    Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales

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  2. Hypnotherapy is something I have always been intrigued about. I’ll be really interested to see how this works out for you. Thanks for linking up to #TriumphantTales and please do come back again tomorrow 🙂

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