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3 Baby Milestones I Am Always Eager To Reach

When you’re a first-time mum you’re eager to reach all the milestones: first smile, rolling over, sitting up, laughing, crawling, walking, etc.

As a second timer and beyond, you’re in a little less of a hurry, because you have the gift of hindsight and how truly fleeting babyhood is (even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time).

However, despite being a second-time mum, there are some milestones I will always be happy to see:

1) When the soft spot closes


So delicate!

Babies have 2 ‘soft spots’ on their heads where the skull bones haven’t fused together yet: one small one on the back of the head and a larger, diamond-shaped one on the top which don’t close until around 12 months old. The one on top is the one which gets my attention more.

Despite the soft spot being protected by a tough membrane inside, I will be relieved when it has fused, particularly with an enthusiastic and loving  Biggest, who frequently likes to stroke, pat and cuddle her little sister’s head.

2) When she can sleep on a pillow

Not necessarily because I want her to sleep on a pillow now, just because it’s a milestone showing her physical ability is at a level where she is better able to get herself out of any trouble of that nature.

It’s recommeded that pillows and duvets should not be used under 12 months old, however Biggest, who is 3, has only recently taken to actually using a pillow at night and only has a duvet on her for parts of the night, much preferring to be outside of the covers.

“Shall we put the duvet on you, Biggest?”

“No, Mummy.”

“Why not?”

“Because I want to be cold, Mummy.”



3) When she can vocalise pain

The first time I felt like I had really cracked this motherhood thing (albeit fleetingly…hey, things changed fast in this game) was when Biggest first started to understand when different parts of her body were hurt and could tell me about it using words, especially when it was something I couldn’t see, like a sore tummy.


Do people actually do this? Is it not a waste of a plaster..?

There is so little guesswork now when 3-year-old Biggest has something going on now because she’s so good at just telling me. It’s amazing how quickly you forget the struggle of having to go down your mental checklist of things again.


How about you? Looking back, which things were you relieved to have finally reached?


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