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Three Things Thursday: Buggy Board, Sunshine and Rule-Breaking

Three Things Thursday is a collective, weekly sharing of three things, of any size or stature, which make life smiley and great and is hosted by Nerd in the Brain.

1) Buggy Board

If you don’t know what a Buggy Board is, it’s basically a specialised platform made by Lascal which attaches to the back of a pram or pushchair for a toddler to stand on as opposed to them walking (s l o o o o w w w w w l y) alongside or having to invest in a bulky, awkward double buggy.

Image credit
It’s an absolute godsend because Littlest gets really frustrated and grumpy if we keep stopping while she’s in the pram, especially if she’s tired. She likes to be in motion at all times. The travel system I have at the moment is also quite bulky, so I’m always worried about keeping them optimally safe if Biggest is walking. The Buggy Board is LIFE.



2) Sunshine

Just casually pretending this bamboo forest is somewhere I’ve been. Cheers, Pixabay. 
It was a beautiful spring day today, perfect for Biggest’s 3rd birthday, and reminiscent of the glorious sunshine we had after a few weeks of horrid weather on the day she was born (unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of it, as we were stuck in the hospital all day waiting for paperwork!).

When I checked my weather app at about 11 am this morning it was 11 degrees C and felt really warm.

I managed to horrify my South African friend by telling her how I was sweating wearing a vest top, sleeveless button-up shirt, jeans and a waterproof coat!

3) Rule-breaking

Of all the wonderful posts I saw shared on Facebook for International Women’s Day yesterday, this was one of my favourites, shared by Socialist Sense:

Originally shared here
May we always break the rules!


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