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Sneezing and Snowdrops: #WeekendCoffeeShare

Nowadays, I’m trying to embrace every season rather than living for summer. But it’s hard not to look forward to the first signs of spring, still.

Tbf, it’s been a pretty mild winter here, but it’s been rather blustery and wet this side of the new year, so when we discovered the first snowdrops of the year in our suburb a couple of weeks ago it was a bit of a relief. 

I did actually take a picture of the snowdrops we found on our walk but deleted it for some reason. Enjoy this shameless steal from Pixabay, BWAHAHAHA..*COUGH*…*splutter*……..ahem.
I feel much more relaxed with returning lighter evenings too (even if it does make it a bit harder to explain to Biggest it’s actually bedtime!). I’ve always felt a bit claustrophobic having to turn on the lights and shut the blinds at, like, 4pm.

We made a bird feeder out of an empty milk carton and added some loose seed. We don’t have a massive garden but we do have a small wood nearby. We’ve seen mainly coal and great tits, but I’m waiting with baited breath for the day I poach the woodpecker which visits my friend’s garden, who lives across the road from me (not LITERALLY poach. It’s ok. Don’t spill your latte).

And, more surprisingly, my hayfever has started. I say ‘surprisingly’ because mine does not usually make an appearance until the temperature is much warmer. 

I can make you a badass coffee, I’m a trained barista…but I refuse to drink it! BLEURGH.

It’s not uncommon for it to start earlier than summer but it’s not usually when we’ve had so much rain without a good few sunny breaks in between. 

I thought, at first, it was the remnants of the cold we all had last week (which the kids are still snotty from), but, nope, there it was, that telltale peppery tickle in my nostrils which wouldn’t go away, along with an itchy palate.

This coming week is a busy one. We have Biggest’s third birthday so a couple of outings planned. I’m also going to be testing out hypnotherapy!

How do you feel about winter? 


Many thanks to Nerd In The Brain for hosting the #WeekendCoffeeShare, a collective of chats over digital coffee among bloggers. To find out more, click the image below and to see the other shares in this week’s collective, go here.


21 thoughts on “Sneezing and Snowdrops: #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. i don’t think I’ve ever seen a snowdrop before and I must say they are so pretty ☺️ Thanks for introducing me to them.
    Also is that coffee one of your creations? If yes, then wow that’s so impressive.

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    1. Aw, you’re most welcome! They’re the first sign that spring is on the way, usually appearing in February in the UK. And oh gosh, NO, that’s a Pixabay offering! Haha! That’s a good idea for a future #weekendcoffeeshare though! Thanks for reading.

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  2. I do like winter, but I’m always ready for spring to arrive, even if it is early after a mild winter… I guess getting hay fever the first week of March must be a curse from the early spring! Enjoy the birds!

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  3. I like winter, at least when the first few snowfalls. However, about mid-January or so I am ready for spring. March is coming in like a lion though and we are getting a lot of snow today. Great post, thanks for sharing.


  4. We are just coming into winter as you go into summer but we have a very mild one in comparison. Mind you I will still be wearing jumpers and long pants but our temperatures are unlikely to drop into single digit figures celsius. Have a good week and hope the birthday goes well. So exciting for little ones and birthdays always seem to take such a long time to come around at that age.

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  5. Irene and I both live in Australia and I don’t know what all her talk about Winter is all about because we just hit March and aside from the cool, wet weather we’re having this week, Summer isn’t gone yet. For me, the end of daylight savings some time after Easter, pretty much heralds the end of Summer.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Best wishes,

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  6. You are so funny! Very pleasant to read. Bummer on the early allergy symptoms, though.
    Answer to your question? I’m done with it. Been long enough now, Winter, run along…

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  7. When I was newly pregnant for the Boyo (now 15), we spent the winter working at the Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park. A Wyoming winter in the Rockies makes an upstate New York one pale by comparison. I don’t whimper about it nearly as much as I once did!

    But I’m as excited as you about the returning of the light.

    May the birthdaying be festive and amazing! I still remember when our now-12 year old daughter turned two She had her party early in the afternoon, opened all her gifts, then, when the guests left and the house settled, napped. She woke up and thought she was going to get a whole new batch of gifts!

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    1. Oh, bless her! Yes this seems to be the year she properly “gets” the whole gift thing…it must be a little confusing with its relative proximity to Christmas and Easter! Thank you for reading 🙂


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