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Our Top 5 Meat-Free Family-Friendly Recipes

Since Biggest and I were diagnosed with multiple intolerances in 2015 I started to look at more vegan recipes for meal ideas, since we both had to cut cow’s dairy and Biggest also had ditch egg. 

During this new culinary adventure, I learnt the truth about cow’s dairy (that’s for another post) and became a little more steadfast in avoiding it- we were ok to eat yogurt in our treatment plan. 

It was after this that I coincidentally became friends with some vegan families and a few of my old friends embraced a vegan lifestyle. I now had access to more and more well-researched information on not only the moral issues surrounding meat consumption but also it’s lack of sustainability.

Now, I’m not gonna sit here and pretend we’re out and out vegan, because we’re not. But I do try to cook less omnivorous meals per week than I do vegan. 

With that in mind, here are our top 5 meat-free, family-friendly recipes:

1. Mushroom Bolognese 

I discovered Bosh on Facebook last year and fell a little bit in love. I could sit and watch his videos all day! I get so hungry afterwards! 

Beef bolognese is a favourite of both Danny’s and Biggest’s so I didn’t hold my breath much for this mushroom bolognese recipe, especially as Biggest wouldn’t eat mushrooms…

…how wrong I was. She WOLFED it down faster than she ever has with beef bolognese and asked for second helpings!

We subbed the soy sauce for tamari (a gluten free alternative), the pasta for gluten free and just used 2 tins of toms instead of a punnet of cherry tomatoes. Delish!

2. Black Bean Burgers

Another new favourite discovered on Facebook, The Buddhist Chef had me hooked when I saw how easy and cheap this recipe was. 

Another favourite of Biggest’s, I subbed the breadcrumbs for gluten free and we skipped the burger buns. 

I’m going to try kidney beans next time to make it even cheaper.

The second time I made it I used mostly smoked paprika with a dash of chili, because both Biggest and Danny prefer their food on the less spicy side. 

3.  Shepherd’s Sweet Potato Pie

Another yummy offering from Bosh, I skipped the red wine (I don’t drink and cba to buy some to cook with!) and used regular tinned toms over sundried, because money, honey, used gluten free breadcrumbs, dried green lentils and skipped the gravy to make it Lioness household-friendly.

4. Spinach & Feta Muffins

Biggest ate about 3 of these when I first made them! 

We’re ok with goat’s and sheep’s dairy so I did use feta for this first batch, but they would be absolutely yummy scrummy with Violife vegan cheese too, so I’m using that next time instead.

I used plain gluten free flour, Orgran egg replacer, and a weeny bit of goat’s milk (because I ran out) and the rest, almond milk and they came our absolutely fluffy and lovely. 

5. Leek and Potato Soup

I mean, who doesn’t love leek and potato soup?!

(My mom, actually. What is wrong with her??)

I must make a big batch of this every week. Carbo-liscious, I know, but sooo so worth it! 

Here’s a nice, easy leek and potato soup recipe from BBC Food (we leave out the cream). 

Do you have any tried and tested meat-free favourites?


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