Do other mums wish they could go back to their child-free days for a bit, not to get away from the kids, but to experience those days again so much more efficiently with the wisdom they have now?

Have other mums had days where they’ve tried 4 times to get the washing up done but the kids needed something, so in the end they just gave up and left it in the sink?

Do other mums have actual, real anxiety and stress about the meal planning?

Do other mums have moments of despair, knowing they’ll “get their life back” one day but also knowing they will never be the same carefree person again that they used to be?

Do other mums have moments where they are laughing with their toddlers and suddenly start crying at how much they love them? 

Do other mums have “being ill and not being able to take care of the kids” as their biggest phobia?

Do other mums feel frustration at all the things they want to do and explore for themselves but have no time and when they do suddenly have an unexpected good block of time they just don’t know where to start, so they don’t? 

Do other mums panic inside about the prospect of dealing with two children both upset at the same time when out and about?

Do other mums sometimes go days without looking in the mirror?

Do other mums wonder what long term damage they are doing to their backs? 

Do other mums worry about whether that last badly-handled interaction with their child will emotionally mess them up for life?

Do other mums worry that their child won’t like them when they become a teenager or adult? 

Do other mums worry about society not “getting” their child?

Do other mums sometimes have a bad day and then take it out on their partners, just so that they can experience an iota of the shite that was today too?

Is any of this normal? Asking for a friend. 


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